Gender Summit 14 - Africa

“Climate Change through the Gender Lens: Focus on Africa”

Kigali, Rwanda | 19-20 March 2018

The Gender Summit is led by African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in partnership with science institutions across Africa. The 2-day programme includes a mixture of plenary and parallel sessions, as well as a poster exhibition, professional networking activities, and interlinked public engagement side-events. Speakers will include leading researchers from African countries, and international experts, leaders in innovation, influential policy makers, and champions of evidence-led sustainable, socio-economic development. They will discuss:

  • Opportunities and methodologies for interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaborations
  • Measuring and monitoring research performance, quality, and impact
  • Integrating the values of inclusion and sustainability into research and innovation agendas and projects
  • Strengthening co-operation between key actors in and outside the science landscape in Africa
  • Connecting the reality of the UN Sustainable Development targets with technological advancements, and the vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Science knowledge making and application in the context of priority political and policy drivers

An outline programme is avalable on the Gender-Summit Website.

The Attendance at the Gender Summit 14 is free but a registration is necessary. Click here for more information.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are invited from practitioners and experts reporting on innovation and development interventions, new research, under the general theme of Gender and Climate Change. The topics listet below are offered as a suggestion to the authors. Abstracts that will make the strongest contribution to the programme will be selected for inclusion in parallel sessions speaker panels. Others will be selected either for an inclusion in the Book of Abstracts or poster presentation.

Suggested topics:

  • Socio-cultural and environmental determinants of adaptation to climate change
  • Mapping the footprint of climate change impact on biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Novel interdisciplinary approaches for intervention measures
  • Gender sensitive models and indicators for monitoring impact of climate change on health and wellbeing
  • Gender relations and dynamics in protection of natural ecosystems and agro-biodiversity
  • Best practice in empowerment of local communities and women for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Beliefs, concerns, and attitudes towards climate change adaptation and mitigation across different localities and communities
  • Strategies, polices and technologies for gender sensitive and Africa focused interventions

Please find further instructions for submission of abstracts on the Gender Summit Website

Deadline for abstract submission: 25 February 2018