Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA)

Participants of the RINEA kick-off meeting in Bonn, Germany on 28-30 April 2015 | photo: DLR

Participants of the RINEA kick-off meeting in Bonn, Germany on 28-30 April 2015 | photo: DLR

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 645809 over a period of 36 months (04/2015-03/2018) and supported the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on science, technology and innovation (STI).

In response to the call for proposals for a joint EU‐Africa coordination and support project in the field of research and innovation, and addressing the STI priorities of the 2014 Summit, RINEA proposed three specific, measurable and complementary objectives, each addressing a core component of the bi‐regional STI partnership which, when achieved, would contribute to the overall goal of reinforcing and enriching the Africa‐EU partnership in STI. The consortium encompassed 13 partners from those six European and seven African countries, which also actively participated in the HLPD‐bureau, the implementing office for the HLPD, thereby allowing for a direct translation of political discussions on the HLPD level into measures to be developed and implemented by the RINEA consortium upon request by the HLPD. RINEA aimed to work in complementary ways with related projects, such as CAAST-Net Plus and ProIntensAfrica.

Contribution to R&D (2015‐2017)

  • Strengthening the quality and quantity of partnerships between research and innovation stakeholders in EU Member states, in Associated Countries and in countries in Africa.
  • Encouraging transnational coordination of programmes and policies for international cooperation in STI for greater coherence, joint ownership and resource efficiency.
  • Supporting and enriching formal and informal processes of bi‐regional STI policy dialogue between the EU and Africa.

Addressing all aspects of the Work Programme, the project consisted of five complementary but inter‐linked work packages.