Funding & Support

Government and private organisations, foundations, and other groups provide scientists with the funds they need to do their research. Without funding, science as a whole can't progress, and that funding ultimately comes from the societies that will benefit from the outcome. Hence, those societies help determine how their money should be spent.

In the bi-regional approach each national society has got its own interest. Consequently, the challenge still remains finding the appropriate ways to determine topics of common interest. And to agree on ways of jointly funding and support that suits every partner.

The society reaps the rewards from science in the form of technological innovations and advanced knowledge, hence, research funding and support is investment in the bi-regional’s (socio-) economic future.

The EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation serves as a platform for regular exchanges on research and innovation policy and aims to formulate and implement long-term priorities to strengthen Africa-Europe cooperation on science, technology and innovation.