Roots to Empowerment

40 minutes educational film published today by the International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) portrays the Public-Private Partnership set-up between the 2SCALE project, Nigerian Breweries/Heineken and Psaltry, a Nigerian company making starch from cassava roots. The film is an example of inclusive business set-up, and public and private work going hand in hand for the benefit and empowerment of thousands of farmers and other local business actors. 

The Netherlands-funded 2SCALE project is one of the largest agribusiness incubator in Africa, working with farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in 8 countries. Tey build networks that connect farmers, buyers and intermediaries, enabling them to create and grow new businesses. They also work with private firms, helping them find business opportunities for sourcing products from, or selling agro-inputs to, smallholder farmers in Africa.

This 8 minute summary video of the 40 minutes educational film is from the Youtube channel of ICRA, the International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture, an independent non-profit organisation, founded in 1981. ICRA’s goal is to help end poverty and hunger and to promote sustainable resource use, through inclusive innovation partnerships and by the strengthening individual, organisational and institutional capacities required to make these partnerships work.