Africa-EU Health Research & Innovation needs clearer Policy Framework

download the report from the CAAST-Net Plus website

This is one of the conclusions drawn in a research report recently published by CAAST-Net Plus. The report analyses more than a decade of health research and innovation (R&I) collaboration between Africa and the European Union.

"The assessment of this study is that Africa-EU health R&I cooperation needs a much clearer framework setting out shared priorities and funding mechanisms," the report's executive summary says.

"Both Africa and Europe also need to introduce policy measures that create incentives for private sector participation in R&I, including and especially when it comes to the uptake of scientific research findings."

The report's five findings and recommendations are targeted at representatives of the African Union and European Union, national health and STI policymakers, health R&I funders, as well as the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation.

"This study maps the landscape of health research and innovation (R&I) cooperation, placing emphasis on initiatives financed through FP6, FP7 and the ACP Science and Technology Programme, while also offering a glance at bilateral cooperation initiatives," the report says.

"The overarching aim was to analyse the extent to which health R&I cooperation supported by the framework programmes, by other major bi-regional programmes, and to a lesser extent by bilateral programmes, is addressing agreed joint health R&I priorities, is fostering the uptake and translation of research results by the private sector, and is being used to inform policymakers."

Source and further details: CAAST-Net Plus