New EU support to cross-regional initiatives in Africa

On 27 July 2016, the European Commission announced the adoption of the third Annual Action Programme of its Pan-African Programme. Amounting to 29 M€, the projects launched meet priorities set up in the Road Map adopted by African and European Heads of States and Governments in 2014.

Intra-Africa Mobility programme

By providing an additional 10M€ to the successful 'Intra-Africa Mobility programme' launched last year, the EU aims at increasing the availability of high-level professional manpower in Africa by facilitating the intra-African mobility of students and universities' staff and improving the quality of higher education through the promotion of internationalisation. Gender sensitive provisions are part of the scheme.


With the 19M€ funding to the programme 'Live2Africa', the EU intends to create greater economic and employment opportunities for people in rural areas by strengthening systemic capacity of continental, regional and national Livestock Sector stakeholders in order to achieve a significant increase in livestock production and productivity in Africa. Live2Africa gives a strong priority to livestock sustainability, looking closer on how climate change affects livestock systems, improving resilience of farmers and livestock keepers and developing gender sensitive intervention.

Source and further information: Africa-EU Partnership